Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Back in time

I was out and about today after having lunch with my friend Andria (or Andira... hi!), and while wasting time before visiting my mom at her office, I decided to visit the local Family Christian Store. Why? Well, FCS was my first job, and one that I was at for several years.

As I walked in today, it was very, very different. When I worked there, there was life in the store. There was an air of excitement when you walked in, and also a sense of ownership with each employee. We took care of the store and made sure that everyone that came in had the best experience possible. Granted, we didn't always succeed, but we sure did try. But today, it was pretty dead. I think part of it is the way the store is laid out now and the marketing tools they are using. When I worked in the music department of the store, I took pride in knowing about the artists and the various styles of music. If someone came in with a question like, "My son likes Emenim, but I want him listening to Christian music. What would you recommend?", I was happy to assist them. Usually, I knew who to recommend. (My picks? T-Bone & KJ-52.) I loved being able to help people out and put music in their hands that they enjoyed. I especially enjoyed helping the parents as they looked for alternative music for their kids. Today, while I was visiting the store, a mom came in with a question like that for one of the workers. After listening to the clerk's recommendations, I slighly scooted over to the hard rock section, held up an Underoath CD and said, "I think your son might like this." And was I right? yup. :)

I secretly miss that. I don't know if I'd ever work retail again, but working at FCS was a joy of mine. I learned a lot there about people, and also how much crap there is in the Christian marketplace today. :) I guess it is just sad to see something you loved so much fall by the wayside. But at least they are still there...pressing on.

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