Monday, June 30, 2008

Ha ha...just kidding

The drilling continues...

ARG! I tell you what...this is craziness! They blasted last week, yet they continue to drill on!! WILL IT EVER END?!?

In other news, our downstairs neighbors moved out, so we turned our surround system subwoofer level up to the highest it could go and watched "Batman Begins". Oh was SWEET! My husband was like, "THAT is what a movie should sound like on this system!" He'll have to enjoy it while we can. We'll probably have new neighbors in a few weeks. This is his small way of rebelling. :) ha!

We had a great time in Ozark, AL at the Klondyke Gospel Music Center (again) this past Friday evening. I was there 2 weeks ago, and at that time, another artist canceled for the June 27th spot, we we volunteered Allison. Since her hubby was up in Canada for a wedding, we took her down there. She did a great job, and we had a lot of fun with Ron Jeffers afterwards at the Waffle King. But oh how I WISH Alabama was a non-smoking state. We are so spoiled now in TN.

I sang at Lewisburg Chapel UMC & Cornersville UMC yesterday morning. Yes, two churches in one morning. Both concerts went really well, and I think it is going to become an annual event, which is really exciting! Hopefully, they'll also have a potluck each time too! :) potlucks ROCK! And who knew that there was such a wide variety of deviled eggs?

Kyle and I played Wii for the first time last night with our friends/neighbors, Ben & Amanda. (Backstory: Amanada and I went to App together, and then roomed with each other when we moved to Nashvegas to do our internships. She and her hubby recently moved back to Nashville and now live in our complex. Yay!) I wish I had video of Kyle playing tennis. It. Was. Priceless. The last Wii game we did was boxing, and it was a WORKOUT! My arm hurt afterwards, but thankfully, it wasn't prolonged pain. I'm sure we'll have many more nights of Wii with Ben & Amanda. :) Yay!

I basically took today off, and LOVED it. I needed a day like today. Our lives have been so crazy/hectic, that I felt like I couldn't breathe. Thank you, Lord, for days off. Even when you work from home, it can be stressful. Sometimes having the office right in your house isn't all that it is cracked up to be. Separating home from work can be a challenge, but I'm learning how to balance the two.

Speaking of, it is time to go to bed! I want to read a little bit more of "Surprise Me" before getting some shut-eye. I'll have to post about that book once I finish reading it. It's a pretty cool, yet extremely simple, concept. Just praying out loud each day, "Surprise Me, God."

Anyhoo, more later! :)

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

"Boom, Boom, Boom" coming to an end

Well, after a few weeks of this drilling into rock going on across the street, I took it upon myself to call Harding Academy and find out if there was any relief in sight. Turns out, THERE IS!!

On Thursday of this week, they are going to do surveys for minor blasting which will (hopefully) take place next week sometime. Apparently, they weren't expecting all the rock that they hit after the initial dig. So, the current drilling that is going on was not a part of the original plan. To expedite the process (and b/c it's cheaper), they will do minor blasting, which means that the 6:30 AM unwanted wake-up call will quickly come to an end! I think we might have a party to celebrate!

And I guess I should hold out a little bit longer before going to the store to purchase ear plugs. I was seriously contemplating buying a sleeping mask and ear plugs at some point this week. 'Course, I might still buy the sleeping mask for our trek back to Ozark, AL this Friday.

Thank goodness for a light at the end of the tunnel!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

The Machines Next Door go "Boom, Boom, Boom"

You know that song, "The wheels on the bus go round and round...round and round...the wheels on the bus go round and round, all the way through town"?

Well, I think that tune fits to the song I just made up: "The machines next door go boom, boom, boom...boom, boom, boom...boom, boom, boom...the machines next door go boom boom boom...all through the DAY!"

I don't think I've been able to comfortably sleep past 7 AM in almost a month now since they have been drilling through ROCK. Across the street, they are building the new athletic fields for Harding Academy, one of the private schools here in Nashville. (Now, if you google that, you can find out where I stalking please.) It is about to drive me up the wall. However, I don't think I can complain as much as the people actually living literally next to it all.

Oh well. I needed to get up early anyway to get some errands done. But after reading a blog earlier today, I felt compelled to leave you all with bit of happiness...or at least, it is happiness to ME. Just remember, Don't Stop Believin!

(Yes, I totally own Journey's Greatest Hits DVD. IT ROCKS MY WORLD!)

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Back in the Saddle Again

After having 3 car accidents back-to-back-to-back in 2005, I got off of my exercise and diet routine. This means, that my weight has ballooned significantly. And today, I'm starting Weight Watchers again. Not necessarily going to the meetings, but I'm going to keep track of my daily points. I'm just tired of not feeling good, looking at pictures of me when I was thinner, and seeing cute clothes that I can't fit into. Plus, being on stage and in the spotlight does a number on me as well. I mean, I've got a couple of killer outfits, but I want to feel better. I don't want to look in the mirror and frown.

Plus, there is an incredible jacket at Cache that I really want to get for our trip to England in October. And since they don't make it in XL, I need to get it in a L. Plus, by then, it'll be on clearance. I ain't about to pay $228 for one piece of clothing. The only time I've spent more than that on anything was my wedding dress.

So, hold me to it b/c it ain't going to be easy!

Friday, June 6, 2008

Sleepless in Nashvegas

For the past few nights, I have yet to get more than 4.5 - 5 hours of sleep. If I do, I end up waking up around 4am-ish, and then possibly going back to bed at 8 AM and sleeping for a couple more hours (or until my phone starts ringing). Quite frankly, it is a bit annoying. Plus, my dad ALWAYS told me that if I did not get enough sleep that I would end up getting sick. So yeah, now I'm just waiting for a lovely cold to take up residence in my body. :-p I would LOVE to sleep through the night, but I'm not sure what needs to happen to make that a reality. Maybe I just need to go sit in the sun for an hour. I've been told that if you don't get enough melatonin (which is nutrient from the sun), then that could attribute to sleepless nights. Maybe I'll just buy a bottle of a natural supplement. And I'm going to try and start exercising more, so hopefully, that'll help as well.

On to other news...

UPDATE ON COMCAST: So, nothing has really changed. We did receive an email from a Comcast rep about our service (after he was alerted to my blog!), but I'm not sure if there is anything he can really do for us. We had a friend basically give us an older television he had since he switched all his TVs to flat screens. (Gee...that must've been sooooo hard.) So, now we have a TV for watching movies, and a TV for watching cable. Ghetto anyone? I mean, at this point, when we go to other people's houses that have more than basic basic cable, we drool. We're like, "Let's watch the Discovery Channel! Oh, is Paula Dean on? What about the SCI-FI channel??" I's sad. :) One day, when we can get a flat screen AND DVR, life will be even better...entertainment wise. LOL

We're still using Blockbuster Online, which we love. In fact, I just got done watching the movie "Once", which won an Oscar for Best Original Song. The music is absolutely beautiful and raw and satisfying. But I know Kyle wouldn't be that into it. However, I think the soundtrack is probably a must have. So here's a run down of movies we've seen lately (rental and theatre):

- Robert Downey Jr. is HOT, and is BRILLIANT as Tony Stark. LOVED this movie!
CHRONICLES OF NARNIA: PRINCE CASPIAN - I actually enjoyed this one. It was pretty late when we saw it (10:15 PM showing), but it held my attention the majority of the time. Great effects!
WHAT HAPPENS IN VEGAS - predictable, but cute.
MISS PETIGREW LIVES FOR A DAY - very cute, funny, touching...looking forward to the DVD
YEAR OF THE DOG (rental) - umm...PASS.
CATCH AND RELEASE - umm...PASS again. This movie was so disjointed, and I just couldn't get into it.
CATCH ME IF YOU CAN - Tom Hanks is brilliant, and it was cool to see Amy Adams in one of her earlier movies. She's got a great career ahead of her.
27 DRESSES - Loved it! And the first dress she's wearing in the movie, is the dress we wore at my sister's recent wedding! Score ONE for David's Bridal!
PLEASANTVILLE - Kyle had talked about this movie, but I had never seen it all the way through. I really enjoyed it, though it was all there morally speaking.
THE 40-YEAR-OLD VIRGIN - we stopped the movie about 30 minutes into it. It was just too much foul and suggestive language. Basically unnecessary, and a disappointment.
P.S. I LOVE YOU - OHMIGOODNESS...I bawled my eyes out! GREAT movie!
THE GOLDEN COMPASS - Not sure what all the fuss was about, but it was a pretty good movie. I just hope they make a sequel b/c it leaves you hanging. I read that the plan was to do a sequel, but since the domestic returns weren't high enough, they're thinking of passing on it.

So that's it for now. I'm probably going to go watch some more movies. I haven't watched Hairspray in a while! :)