Thursday, July 17, 2008

Latest movie list

Okay, so while we were in Paris, TX, we saw THREE movies for $15...TOTAL. You read that right...$15 for THREE NEWLY RELEASED MOVIES. Their matinées tickets were only $2.50/person. AWESOME!

So, this is what we've seen recently:

Actually, it wasn't half bad. Kinda slow in the beginning, but definitely picked up the pace in the middle. Not a LOT of cursing, but enough to get annoying. However, worth seeing, but maybe wait for the DVD.

A great and FUN adventure for everyone. Now, we didn't get to see it in 3-D, but if we would have experienced that, I think it would have made it even better. I enjoyed the movie. It was pretty fast paced, so there wasn't a lot of wondering where it was going. This is great for kids.

Wall-E, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways. If I could've hugged this cartoon robot after the movie, I would have. THIS WAS ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC AND ADORABLE!! Absolutely BRILLIANT film. Pixar really outdid itself. AMAZING...YOU MUST GO SEE THIS!!

DVD Rentals:
Definitely, Maybe
Honestly, when I watched it, I kept getting interrupted. However, it was a beautiful, funny, heart wrenching story. Ryan Reynolds is a great actor and can absolutely break your heart just by changing the expression on his face. Good date night movie.

Fool's Gold
Cute, funny. Worth renting.

VERY good. I had to watch it 2 times while we had it. Beautifully acted and brilliantly cast. PERFECT.

Cute kids film. Cool special effects. Heart-breaking at the end, but otherwise good.

College Road Trip
Donny Osmond TOTALLY steals the show in this movie. Honestly, if it wasn't for him popping in every now and then, I'm not sure if the movie would've been as funny. The last scene is HILARIOUS! Kyle was about to cry he was laughing so hard! I know that my dad will enjoy this film. :)

Sydney White
I LOVED this movie! Amanda Bynes is great as a "Snow White" type, and her 7 Dorks are great! Prince Charming ain't half bad either! I really want to buy this film b/c it's just a feel good funny film.

Pretty fast paced, but quite honestly, Hayden Christensen just can't act. There is just no getting around that. But the movie is good if you like action.

Home for the Holidays
This is an older film with Holly Hunter and Robert Downey, Jr., who was strung out the entire time they were filming. I think that for us, it was just a tad bit crass. Pretty good story, but just not my kind of film. I like Robert Downey much better sober and in Iron Man. :)

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andiramusic said...

Thanks for the tips! I was wondering about Penelope and Sydney White. I'll probably rent those soon.