Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Arkansas doesn't like my ankle

As you know, we got back home from TX yesterday. It is a LONG trip from Paris, TX to Nashville, TN, and there are always many potty breaks.

I have NEVER been a big fan of the rest areas in Arkansas. They are old, run down, prison like facilities...except the one in Texarkana...that one is nice. Anyway, the other ones just are blah. And as of yesterday afternoon, my dislike of them has gained new fervor.

I twisted my ankle at a AR rest stop. :-p I was on the way back to the car, trying to avoid a woman who was about to side swipe me with her cigarette. When I went to step around, I stepped off the concrete and into unimaginable pain. It hurt so bad that I was unable to move for a few seconds. Poor Kyle had to endure me writhing in pain and pinching the fool out of him. And yes, the tears fell...hard. I was sobbing by the time I hobbled back to the car. I cried mostly out of pain, but also embarrassment. Don't you just HATE when you trip or fall in front of people? (I did that in college a lot. I would just be walking along, and then BOOM! I would trip over my own feet and land on concrete...or ice...depending on the season.)

Well, there were no ice packs available, so I propped my foot up on the dashboard and held a bottle of cold water against it. And whimpered. I called my mom today to whine about it, and like any great mother, she was extremely sympathetic. :) Awww...moms. Gotta love them.

And now, just typing about it is making it hurt more. Guess I need to go prop and ice again. :) I promise to write about the other subject matters soon!! :)

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