Friday, May 9, 2008

CD Release Concert - Nashvegas!

(Again, I know I'm late on this entry. Please forgive me!!!)

On Friday, May 2, I had my FIRST EVER CD release party! Yippie! Kent & Candy Christmas graciously hosted the event at the Bridge Ministry warehouse. Since we have been attending church at The Resting Place, which meets in the warehouse, it just made sense to do the concert there. Plus, those that showed up who aren't terribly familiar with the Bridge Ministry, it gave them a glimpse inside, which I thought was really cool. (Below is a pic of what it looks like.)

Well, of course, my CD Release Party would not be complete without Tornado Watches/Warnings going out around the time of the start of the concert. Oh yes...drama all around folks. But thankfully, that didn't deter too many people. A lot of my great friends were there, and I am so thankful for that. I thoroughly enjoyed the concert myself (which is a good thing...ha!), and was so thankful for the fellowship. The Galloways and Chris Unthank joined me on "God's Got a Word for You" (the next radio single) and "Testify", which was a special treat to have them up there with me. I ended up not doing "Pray for America" which helped me to relax a bit more, so I have a feeling I'll do the same set in Boone. "Pray for America" is one of my favorite songs to do, BUT to replicate it live as it is on the album is going to take some more work on my part.

So, one CD release concert down, one more to go! And I am totally looking forward to the one in Boone and showing everyone the KILLER poncho I got at Chico's for a STEAL! Love it! :)

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