Saturday, March 29, 2008

Movie, anyone?

Due to our "beef" with Comcast, we have watched a LOT of movies lately on DVD. I am so thankful for our Blockbuster Online subscription. After having it for a little over a year now, I'm not sure how we ever did without it. Here's a list of movies I've / we've seen lately:

Suburban Girl (Alec Baldwin dating a Twentysomething yr. old...awkward but touching)
Scoop (HUGH JACKMAN...HELLO?!? Need I say more? *le sigh*)
Vanity Fair (Reese was okay.)
Shopgirl (Steve Martin dating a Twentysomething...AWKWARD and NOT Touching)
Beyond the Sea (Kevin Spacey - soooo good)
I Am Legend (the ending sucked)
Enchanted (Love! Love! Love! WILL BUY!)
Dan in Real Life (Love!! Steve Carrell is soooo good...must own)
Michael Clayton (George Clooney *le sigh*, but interesting)
Gracie (once was enough)
Death at a Funeral (HILAIRIOUS, but a bit crude at times)
Spanglish (Adam Sandler is lovely)
Reign Over Me (have the box of tissue standing by)
The Kingdom (Kyle watched that without me...thank goodness)
School for Scoundrels ( brief times)
Becoming Jane (eh...)
DOA: Dead or Alive (based on the videogame)
1408 (don't bother)
My Super Ex-Girlfriend (alright)
Waitress (not my cup of tea)
Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken (classic!)
Miss Potter (very touching...tear jerker)

The majority of these films made me cry at least once, if not more.

We borrowed Memoirs of a Geisha from Kyle's folks, and beautiful and good! I need to watch The Notebook again b/c that is just a classic.

I wish I had a ton of money to just go out and buy all these great movies! I'm looking forward to renting Juno and seeing if that is as good as everyone says.

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Anonymous said...

Oh, I'm hoping to see Dan in Real Life tonight. I saw Juno and it's my one of my now all time favs. I loved Becoming Jane, too, actually....I'm a sucker for emo movies.