Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Change will do you good

I don't like change.

But then, who does? (Well, my friend Audrey does. She's constantly changing her hair, furniture placement, etc.)

The "ah ha!" moment about change hit me last night while at the Bridge. Whomever set up the chairs that are behind the mics for the praise team, set them up at an angle...not in straight line. THIS bothered me immensely, so I put the chairs the way that they normally are. And Scharlene said to me, "Everything in its place!" And I responded, "I don't like change." Eh?

How could I not like change? I remember being in high school wanting to go to college. I was in college wanting to come to Nashville. I'm in Nashville wanting to travel more. How could I not like change when I chase after it for so long?

But we're in for a lot of changes here soon, so I guess I'd better get used to it!

Of course, all the changes are good, and I will not complain. I think I just get annoyed when a routine gets messed up, but don't most people? ha ha!

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