Monday, February 11, 2008

What a weekend!

Kyle and I arrived back in Nashville last night after a whirlwind trip up to Edinburgh, IN. I sang yesterday morning at Who So Ever Will Community Church in Edinburgh, and I had an absolute blast! The church is beautifully decorated, and it makes you feel as if you have entered into someone's home. Just so inviting and peaceful. The church has their own praise team which opened the service up. Granted, I had never heard the songs they were singing before, but I caught on real quick. It was great country gospel P/W, and I LOVED it! The Spirit was alive and well. There were stories of healing, salvation, miracles, and other amazing things that God had done. Truth be told, all the songs I sang yesterday morning were set-up prior to me getting on the stage! LOL I didn't have to do much after that!

This past Friday, we FINISHED MY VOCALS ON THE ALBUM!!! WOO!! Only one song is left to have BGV's added to it. SO exciting! The Galloways and Chris Unthank came in on Thursday evening to add BGV's to my two Chris Binion tunes, "Testify" and "God's Got a Word". They sound AMAZING. I'm pretty sure that this album has at least 4-5 radio releases, which is very exciting. We wanted to get a long life out of this album anyway since it had been such a long time coming. I feel so blessed that God gave us such amazing songs. I do know that as soon as the album is released, a radio station in Australia wants to play "Ask of Me". How cool is that?!? :)

I have my photo shoot next Monday, so that is exciting. I've been looking over pictures to give Kim an idea of what I *think* I want the photos to look like. I want contemporary classic. Make sense? :)

And I still have not decided upon a title for the album. It might end up being self-titled, but who knows? I guess if it is meant to have a title, God will hit me with one. Divine inspiration, please.

Back to work for now!

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