Saturday, February 23, 2008

Videos from Bridge Christmas Dinner

On December 23, 2007, almost 200 homeless people attended a special formal sit-down dinner for them at Christ Worship Center in White House, TN. They ate amazing food prepared by Tony Gore & The Galloways, and ate off the best China and drank from crystal stemware. It was a treat indeed!

I was not able to be there b/c we went home to NC for Christmas, BUT someone has posted a couple of short videos from that evening so you can get a small taste of all that happened. There were several folks that got saved and a few of them even got baptized that night! (The white boy singing with some SOUL is the one and only, Mr. Aaron Crisler.)



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Homeless 2

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Drew Watts said...

Lovely bridge Christmas dinner!! I loved watching these videos. The food looks so delectable. At some domestic event venues I too have to attend a birthday dinner on next weekend. It will be a BBQ bash. Truly, I am eagerly waiting for my big day.