Tuesday, October 21, 2008

"Ask of Me" goes #1!!

Hey all from the UK!

Just wanted to drop a quick email to let you know something that I just found out! While I have been here in the UK, "Ask of Me" went NUMBER ONE on the ShineFM chart last week!! *jumping up and down* You can visit the website to check it out for yourself: http://www.shinefm.org.uk/. (Just scroll down a little and you'll see it.)

Things are going quite well here in jolly England. Mike Rayson & I are already talking about a return trip to the UK in May 2009, which we hope to go to Northern Ireland as well during that time. (hint, hint!) I'll be sure to keep you posted on those plans.

God is doing a great work here in the UK, but there are so many hurting people here. The media and gov't have become very sympathetic to the Muslim culture here. Many of the Christian churches are beginning to band together like never before to reach out to their communities, and I do believe that they are making an impact. There is a definite hunger and a need here for God like no other. For example, where the US has a ton of Christian radio stations everywhere you look, England has only TWO Christian radio stations for the entire country! But those are popular. In fact, Mike Rayson & I will be interviewed this Saturday morning, October 25, on Premiere's Big Breakfast Show w/ Tony & Lizzie. We are very excited about this opportunity to share our faith and personal testimonies to a large listening audience. I'd tell you to listen in online, but I dobut any of you would want to get up at 2 AM CST or 3 AM EST to listen. :)

This evening, we are in Gornal, and tomorrow evening we are in Stoke-on-Trent. Friday finds us back in Tunbridge Wells, Saturday in Huntington, Sunday AM in Potters Bar, and Sunday PM in Westminster at the Central Methodist Hall. Yeah...um..the Central Methodist Hall is DIRECTLY across the street from Westminster Abby & Parliment. How neat is that?!

Blessings to all of you, and if you need to know how to make a proper cup of tea, let me know! I've learned how! HA!

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